10|40 Celebration

A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who joined us on October 15, 2011 at the Ethnic Cultural Theatre to celebrate 10 years of Mirror Stage and our 40th Feed Your Mind presentation!

Special thanks to the stellar cast featuring Angie Bolton, Alycia Delmore, Khanh Doan, Peggy Gannon, Tracy Michelle Hughes, David Anthony Lewis, George Mount, Galen Joseph Osier, Stan Shields, Erin Stewart, Retha Tinker, John Wray, and Jeremy Young. Plus an extra-special thank you to Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering and Events for a deliciously festive post-show reception.

The 10|40 Celebration featured a selection of scenes from the following Top Ten Feed Your Minds:

  • Hold Please by Annie Weisman, originally presented March 2005
  • Bee-luther-hatchee by Thomas Gibson, originally presented October 2006
  • Rain. Some Fish. No Elephants. by Y York, originally presented February 2009
  • The Crowd You’re in With by Rebecca Gilman, originally presented June 2009
  • Chagrin Falls by Mia McCullough, originally presented January 2005
  • Natural Selection by Eric Cole, originally presented January 2009
  • The Last Train to Hicksville by Elena Hartwell, originally presented February 2008
  • Tree by Julie Hébert, originally presented February 2011
  • Cradle of Man by Melanie Marnich, originally presented November 2007
  • Odin’s Horse by Robert Koon, originally presented April 2007