Happy 20th Anniversary, Mirror Stage!

 To celebrate, we’re planning a 20th Anniversary Gala
for Saturday, September 18
so make sure you mark your calendar now to save the date!

  • Because you want to challenge assumptions, bias and prejudice.
  • Because equity and inclusion are important, and you value seeing the full diversity of our community reflected onstage.
  • Because you appreciate the opportunity to explore the complexity of contemporary issues from different perspectives.
  • Because innovative programs with meaningful content require resources, and we need your help.
  • Because you believe in the power of theatre and Mirror Stage.

Mirror Stage reflects the diversity of our community on stage in high quality, progressive, thought-provoking productions that play it smart without playing it safe. We nurture unique artistic voices while providing opportunities for newly-emerging artists to work alongside more seasoned professionals, as well as a platform for artists we generally don’t get to experience on more traditional regional theatre stages.

Mirror Stage remains committed to embracing the full range of human experience at all levels: on our stage, in our audience, on our staff, and within our leadership. Over the past 20 years, nearly 50 percent of the actors featured in and artists working on our productions have been people of color, including African Americans, Asian Americans (both South and East Asians), Latinx, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders—some, but not all, in ethnically specific stories and roles. Representation matters. Mirror Stage affirms a broad range of experiences, inviting a larger population to see themselves and their stories onstage.

Mirror Stage creates opportunities for people to increase their awareness and understanding of the complexity of contemporary issues—such as racism, incarceration, homelessness, war, sexism in the workplace, capital punishment, immigration, veterans returning stateside, climate change, religious intolerance, media images and body perception—and the far-reaching impact on the lives of us all. Programming that expands our recognition, acceptance, and sense of connection with the diversity of our community, as well as the world at large, continues to be needed today, more than ever. Your support enables us to explore the issues that matter most to you.

As a nonprofit theatre company, less than half of our income comes from ticket sales. The rest comes from charitable foundations, local government, and the generous gifts of supporters like you.

We believe that Mirror Stage makes a difference. And we can’t do it without you. With your support, Mirror Stage provides opportunities for local artists to develop artistic responses to important issues while engaging the community in meaningful ways. Gifts of every size make a difference and are gratefully appreciated. Theatre That Gets People Talking, Mirror Stage is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (Fed ID # 91-2145441), and all donations are fully tax-deductible.

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